Gewirtz AT, Navas TA, Lyons S, Godowski PJ, Madara JL: Cutting ed

Gewirtz AT, Navas TA, Lyons S, Godowski PJ, Madara JL: Cutting edge: bacterial flagellin activates

basolaterally expressed TLR5 to induce epithelial proinflammatory Quisinostat research buy gene expression. J Immunol 2001,167(4):1882–1885.PubMed 24. Sierro F, Dubois B, Coste A, Kaiserlian D, Kraehenbuhl JP, Sirard JC: Flagellin stimulation of intestinal epithelial cells triggers CCL20-mediated migration of dendritic cells. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 2001,98(24):13722–13727.CrossRefPubMed 25. Eaves-Pyles T, Murthy K, Liaudet L, Virag L, Ross G, Soriano FG, Szabo C, Salzman AL: Flagellin, a novel mediator of Salmonella -induced epithelial activation and systemic inflammation: IκsBα degradation, induction of nitric oxide synthase, induction of proinflammatory mediators, and cardiovascular dysfunction. J Immunol 2001,166(2):1248–1260.PubMed 26. Zeng H, Carlson AQ, Guo Y, Yu Y, Collier-Hyams LS, Madara JL, Gewirtz AT, Neish AS: Flagellin is the major proinflammatory determinant of enteropathogenic Salmonella. J Immunol 2003,171(7):3668–3674.PubMed EPZ-6438 27. Molofsky AB, Byrne BG, Whitfield NN, Madigan CA, Fuse ET, Tateda K, Swanson MS: Cytosolic recognition of flagellin by mouse macrophages GSK2879552 cell line restricts Legionella pneumophila infection. J Exp Med 2006,203(4):1093–1104.CrossRefPubMed 28. Ren T, Zamboni DS, Roy CR, Dietrich WF, Vance RE: Flagellin-deficient Legionella mutants evade caspase-1- and Naip5-mediated macrophage immunity. PLoS Pathog 2006,2(3):175–183.CrossRef

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island 2 promoters and counters silencing by the nucleoid-associated protein H-NS. Mol Microbiol 2007,65(2):477–493.CrossRefPubMed 32. Hensel M, Shea JE, Raupach B, Monack D, Falkow S, Gleeson C, Kubo T, Holden DW: Functional analysis of ssaJ and the ssaK/U operon, 13 genes encoding components of the type III secretion apparatus of Salmonella pathogeniCity island 2. Mol Microbiol 1997,24(1):155–167.CrossRefPubMed 33. Ohnishi K, Kutsukake K, Suzuki H, Iino T: Gene fliA encodes an alternative sigma factor specific for flagellar operons in Salmonella typhimurium. Mol Gen Genet 1990,221(2):139–147.CrossRefPubMed 34. Liu X, Matsumura P: An alternative sigma factor controls transcription of flagellar class-III operons in Escherichia coli : gene sequence, overproduction, purification and characterization. Gene 1995,164(1):81–84.CrossRefPubMed 35.

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